An Insight On The Gallery From A Teenager's Point Of View

I don't really know how to set this out so don't judge me if this looks a bit muddled, I have never done a blog before so I don't know how this works, great I'm glad we cleared that up.
The People
I have had the absolute privilege to interview some very interesting people that work here and once you get chatting you can talk on for hours with them. The questions  asked weren't necessarily about their job they were more about what their hopes were when they were my age and if they ever thought they would be working here, to see if there is a link. There is obviously no link with me I mean I don't know how wanting to be Mini Mouse and a writer can link, unless I would star writing and blogging about Mini Mouse.........that would be odd.

the first person I interviewed was Nicola McGovern (sorry if I spelt her name wrong), she was so lovely to talk to and I really got to know her a bit more.

Nicola McGovern
When she was around my age (15) she was into fashion design…

An Insight On The Gallery From A Teenager's Point Of View

Galleries and Museums aren't meant to be boring, they are meant to be inspiring and bring out the creative side of people and you may find out things you never knew before. You don't have to be crazy about art to enjoy being in this place, some of the people that work here had different hopes for their future than what they are doing now but they love it here. I hope you can too.

It's always nice to enter an environment that is so friendly and full of smiles. I was nervous to come to work experience here and 20 minutes later I was already comfortable, everyone here are so easy to talk to. I can look back on a few years ago where I was the shyest person ever, I'd never think I would be doing my work experience here but now I'm much more confident, when you crack my shell I can talk for hours, that actually might not be a good thing, just tell me to shut up. The people at The Gallery don't want you to be scared of coming in, its so much better inside, 'If in …

An Insight On The Gallery From A Teenager's Point Of View

The week we all dread because you are worried you aren't going to like the job you are working in even though by the end of it you probably had an amazing time and won't want to leave. hopefully when you do your work experience you get to explore different skills for what you want to do when you're older, or maybe you have no clue on what you want to be. Sort of like me, I have an idea but I don't know if that will stick with me. when I was 4 I wanted to be Minnie mouse even though I'm a person not a mouse, when I was 10 I wanted to be an artist, when I was 13 I wanted to be a fashion designer even though I can't sew to save my life and now I am 15 and considering writing/journalism but anything could change.

My work experience is here at The Williamson Art Gallery, a place of warm welcomes, incredible art work and a sense of community. People from all ages come here to watch talks, see artists work and eat amazing cakes that are sold in the caf…

LIfe Drawing at the Williamson

Evening life drawing class with model and tutor on the first Thursday of the month, at 6.30pm, bring a drawing board, paper and pencils or charcoal. The Williamson Art Gallery are running a life drawing class with a model and tutor for up to thirty people.  The next sesssion is this evening, the 6th of July and then on the 3rd of August.

Bring £10 on the night. The tutor will either be Paul Gatenby or Pamela Sullivan. Class will end at 8.30 pm. Small charge for tea and coffee.

For more information, contact
0151 666 3537

STOP PRESS: The life class occurs on an evening when we usually have two other meetings in the gallery. Visitors are reminded that while there is a carpark with 36 marked spaces, street parking is available in several roads: these are residential roads and we ask that visitors should be considerate of our neighbours, also it is the responsibility of the driver to ensure they have parked legally.

#CultureTank at the Williamson Art Gallery


Children's Art Week

Children’s Art Week 2017 Wirral Open Studio Tour at the Williamson10 and 11 th of June 

Seven artists were based in the Williamson Art Gallery for the weekend of the
Wirral Open Studio Tour  on the 10th and 11th of June with plenty of opportunities
to chat with the artists,  see how they create their artwork
and even have a go at rag rugging with Alison Bailey Smith  or chinese calligraphy with LiWei Chen.
The individual artists paid to be part of the tour which contributed to the
production of the studio tour
brochure and the charity, art-shop and book shop
also placed an advert in the brochure to increase the profile of the venue.
Alison took part in the Make and Explore,
under five session with Nicola McGovern
on the Thursday before the tour
and taught the little ones
and their grown-ups how to rag rug on the floor
in front on the Della Robbia collection.

The whole event was open to the public
and a handy floor plan was created
using the Children's art week logo
to show where t…

Funding for Summer Art Workshops

The Williamson and Priory Friends, supported by Wirral Methodist Housing Association are delighted to announce that they have received a grant from the Big Lottery - Awards for All -to run a range of free arts workshops in the local community during August 2017. 'Inside Outside' will include outdoor drop in workshops for all ages, arts and crafts in Birkenhead Town Centre and the always popular Summer art workshops for young people at the Williamson Art Gallery for which we will start taking bookings in early July. Watch this space for more information...